The Ensemble with 10 musicians from Hanoi and Berlin is playing their own compositions and improvisations

10 musicians, 2 capitals from 2 continents: Hanoi ° Berlin are a unique gathering of kindred spirits from Vietnam and Germany who are playing experimental and improvised music, together they are exploring these genres. Their focus is set on string and percussion instruments which are combined with analogue and digital instruments and techniques that promise a fascinating sound experience in total. Electronic and acoustic sounds meet each other and are formed into an experimental symbiosis in which Western and Vietnamese as well as customized instruments are made use of.
The ensemble is playing two concerts in Vietnam in the end of October which are set in the framework of the Vu Dan Tan exhibition at Goethe-Institut (8.10. – 28.10.2016). The group will do collective improvisations as well as perform three pieces which Tran Kim Ngoc, Andrea Neumann and Burkhard Beins developed for this specific context. They are based on compositional sketches made by Vu Dan Tan. On 22. October 2016, the ensemble will play the first concert at Goethe-Institut. The second concert takes place on 27 October 2016 in Hoi An.

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The ensemble Hanoi ° Berlin is coordinated by Burkhard Beins and Kim Ngoc Tran.

The composer and performer Burhard Beins already performed experimental and New Music at the end of the 1980s. He developed his own techniques and is therefore one of the most renowned contemporary German percussionists. He does solo shows as much as ensembles and by now recorded more than 40 CDs, he gives workshops and holds speeches. 

Hanoi-based music composer and improviser Tran Kim Ngoc studied music in Vietnam and Germany. Starting by composing contemporary music for orchestra and ensemble, Kim Ngọc recently put her major effort in discovery and fostering her own interdisciplinary language of art. Kim Ngoc ‘s works are performed worldwide. As improviser she appears on many stages over of the world. In November 2012 Kim Ngoc has founded DomDom- the first ever N.G.O in Vietnam devoting to the development of contemporary experimental music. She is also founder and artistic director of Hanoi New Music Festival – an experimental music and mix media arts festival.


Musicians from Berlin

Musicians from Hanoi

Mike Majkowski
double bass
Michael Vorfeld
Burkhard Beins
Boris Baltschun
analog synthesizer
Andrea Neumann
inside piano, mixing board

Kim Ngoc Tran

Ngo Tra My
dan bau
Nguyen Thuy Dung 
dan tranh
Nguyen Do Minh Quan

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