The project is collaboration between the Goethe Institute, DomDom -The Hub For Experimental Music & Art and the Hanoi New Music Ensemble.

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A series of Music-Theater events will take place in Hanoi in early June of 2017, including a lecture on Music-Theater by professor composer, and director of Muenchener Biennale, Manos Tsangaris and two performances of music-theater works by German and Vietnamese composers.

Music theatre became a new strong genre by itself beyond Opera and Broadway musicals. It creates an essential space for research in media, performance, intervention, installation and concept based on music and compositional thinking.

Nowadays life for all of us happens in a poly-lingual mix of technologies, information and esthetic “products”. The whole public “apparatus” deals with forms of design and its impacts.

New Music Theatre is able to transform this polyphonic state into new ideas of beauty and transcendence.

Lecture by Prof. Manos Tsangaris

10am Wednesday 7th June 2017

Vietnam National Academy of Music- 77 Hao Nam street

Room 8A- Building A1

*Fee Entrance

Performance “Love & Diversity” – Interactive Music-Theatre

Composer:  Manos Tsangaris

8pm Friday 9th June 2017

Goethe Institute – 56 Nguyen Thai Hoc street

*Fee Entrance

Concert “Make Up Removal” – Music-Theatre 

Composers: Carola Baucktholt, Brigitta Muntendorf and Kim Ngoc

Conductor: Honna Tetsuji

8pm Saturday 10th June 2017

L’espace – 24 Trang Tien street

Ticket: 100.000 VND per one person

Available at:

Goethe Institute – 56 Nguyen Thai Hoc from June 1st to June 9th 2017

L’espace from June 8th to June 10th 2017

Hotline: 01249125212

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