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The name of the group, emanating from a piece bywith bikes Henrik Frisk, relates to the fact that the Vietnamese is a tonal language using six tones or intonations. For the Vietnamese members of the group, the six tones of their language is a foundation for communication within their culture. For most Westerners, such a language can only be learnt with much effort. Traditional Vietnamese music is closely related to theatre and its musical forms draw highly on the tonal structure of the language. Obviously, a text set to music cannot have any melodic structure but the melodic lines must follow the tones that give the words their meaning. Hence, the six tones of the language also signify the musical quest that a cross cultural learning situation implies: to negotiate musical meaning beyond the foundations of a single culture.

*** Thankfulness to Da Paolo westlake restaurant and Paolo De Piaggii for your support and companionship.

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