Domdom contemporary and experimental music club was established to connect the people who are interested in music, in general and who are interested in contemporary-experimental music, in particular. We will have talk shows about musical knowledge to stimulate your passion and widen your understanding of music. This activity is held once a week at Puppet Café, 27/189 Giang Vo street, and contains 3 parts:


Part 1: The core members of our club (including composers, artists who participated in Firefly’s training courses or who have experiences working in contemporary-experimental music) will hold presentations periodically about their researches of Vietnamese contemporary and experimental music from the 19th century, throughout 20th century until now, e.g.: atonal music, serialism, concrete music, electronic music, aleatoric music, minimum music, spectralism, avant-gard music, postmodern music, post-folk and Vietnamese traditional music,…

Part 2: Along with members’ presentations, there will be talk shows of invited composers and artists who have enormous influences on Vietnamese contemporary music and art in general. You will watch and listen to their music. You will also have a chance to ask questions about things that you are wondering in art. You could suggest artist, whom you care and want to listen them sharing about art. We will try our best to connect with everybody.

Part 3: Practicing: This part is made especially for core members of the club – who have experiences in playing or making contemporary-experimental music. It will be interchange flexibly with talking to make the show more interesting. Contents of each meeting will be published one week before holding day to audiences at facebook group and this fanpage. Y

ou can register to be one of two types members of our club: a) Core member: You will participate in doing researches and presenting weekly about periods & types of contemporary-experimental music in Vietnam and in the world. You will also periodically be leader of our club.

Condition to join:

a/ you used to be a participant of Domdom’s training courses or have knowledge & experiences in contemporary-experimental music.  

b) Audience member, if you want to join our club just to participating in our activities. Condition to join: you love art and want to learn more about this type of music.

Privilege of joining our club: You will have access to all the researched documents, even if you’re absent in one of our talk shows with invited artists. To register, please contact us at or drop us a call: 0929791990.

*** Thankfulness to Da Paolo westlake restaurant and Paolo De Piaggi for your support and companionship.