MoT sound #11 – aDom

this August MoT+++ is very proud to present a very special happening – the first-ever ensemble appearance of Dom Dom experimental music collective in Saigon!

Dom Dom Center for Experimental Music was formed in Hanoi in 2012 by contemporary composer/arranger and multi-instrumental improvisational sound artist/performer Tran Kim Ngoc. since its establishment, Dom Dom collective and the artists who have passed through its experimental improvisation courses stand out as one of the single largest contributors to the Vietnamese contemporary sound art scene. exploring a variety of mediums and modes, Dom Dom’s impressive roster of artists have explored worlds of acoustic and electronic sound to an impressive depth, making a mark on the international stage, and continuing to put Vietnam on the world map of contemporary sound art.

join us on August 14th for a very special performance including new and old members of the Dom Dom collective, led by founder “chị đại” Kim Ngoc, a giant of the Vietnamese contemporary music scene, organiser of the Hanoi New Music Festival, named by Forbes as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Vietnam 2019. for one night only, a unique journey through worlds of sound and improvisation delving deep into mind and space, wandering through galaxies of imagination in a singular exploration of the pure language of expression never to be repeated again.

time: 8pm, 14/08/19
location: MoT+++ – Saigon Domaine, 1057 Binh Quoi, Saigon Domaine, Ho Chi Minh City
price: 150k

Trần Khánh Ly/ vocal, guitar
Tuấn Nị/ violin
Hoài Anh/ tranh
Lê Duy/ bamboo flute, jew harp
Hà Thuý Hằng/ tranh & objects Bông Hoa/ violin & objects
Kim Ngọc/ piano, vocal

visual artist
Cao Hoang Long

with special guest
Alec Schachner/ percussion, synthesizer / sound engineer

Gallery Photo