Concert and talk: Light a firefly ray

DomDom would like to invite you to attend a very new platform : “Concert and Talk with the audience: Thắp Một Tia Đom Đóm (Light a firefly ray)”

Time: 19h30, Sunday 16/06/2019
Venue: Erato School, 3rd floor – 30 Đoàn Thị Điểm str. Hanoi
Free Entrance – Talk in Vietnamese with English translation

The event is divided into 2 parts: the first part is a talk with the audience about Experimental Music (in Vietnamese with English translation) and second part is Graduation Concert of the “Experimental Music Improvisation” course I-2A (In the framework of DomDom’s Education Program). We chose the name “Light a firefly ray” for both 2 parts because of the meeting points in their spirits.


Besides educational activities, DomDom always cherishes the implementation of events/programs aimed at connecting and developing the audience. The event “Light a firefly ray” is the very first step. In this session, musician SonX will lead and give the audience approaches to the Experimental Music in a basically and personally way, or like the way he said: “Let’s rove and explore senses with sounds together.”
Please stay tuned to know more about this interesting Talk session.


“A Dom Dom (firefly) which is small but durable with experimental music! A rare show with so many things to open! The story of “us” and “I” with extreme emotions, beyond the borders and the classic notion of space and time. The music will be presented in a strong and freedom way.
The concert of I-2a Course also has the participation of a few former members of Đom Đóm’s previous courses and the pioneering improvisers of Vietnamese experimental music: SonX and Ngô Trà My. Moreover, it is indispensable to mention our instructor, interdisciplinary composer and experimental music improviser Tran Kim Ngoc.

Welcome all of you to our concert,
I-2a students of DomDom. ”

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