Composing the Performance by Kent Olofsson

Domdom would like to invite you to a presentation by Kent Olofsson: “Composing the Performance”.

Fl. 02, Block B, Vietnamese Institute of Art & Cultural Studies (VICAS)
32 Hao Nam, O Cho Dua, Dong Da,

Kent Olofsson is a composer that is active in a wide field of contemporary performing art such as electronic music, chamber music, theatre, radiophonic art, composed theatre, dance performances and new music theatre. Since ten years back he has particularly focused on intermedial theatre where different art forms are intertwined and interplay on the theatrical stage.

At this lecture he will present examples from his works in this field and he will discuss compositional strategies, artistic concepts and collaborative processes. Olofsson recently finished a thesis called Composing the Performance: An exploration of musical composition as a dramaturgical strategy in contemporary intermedial theatre. The thesis can be found on this website that contains text, audio and video:

At the lecture Olofsson will also talk about his work with Vietnamese musicians and instruments and present his new work for Dan Tranh and electronics, Red Madonnas, Black Rivers, written for Nguyễn Thanh Thủy.

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