Time: 19:00 Sunday 26th May 2013

Location: Manzi 14 Phan Huy Ích, HN.

Known as one of the most significant improviser in the freeform/ improvisation/ new music/ experimental music in North Europe, Lotte Anker has come back to Vietnam after the festival Hanoi New Music Meeting 2009.

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In this collaboration project with Vietnamese musicians and improvisers, Lotte Anker presents to us a music that will be based on absolute improvisation to celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sounds in a contemporary musical landscape. In The Moment- an impressed concert which has took place last weekend as a result of this project,  is more than anything, the adventurous landscape of tradition and abstract modernism; traditional Vietnamese instruments and Western electronics; energetic, hardcore and fragile, deep.

Let’ s go to Lotte Anker ‘ s talk which focuses on contemporary improvisation and its relation with the audience to learn more about her artistic idea/concept and her creativity process.