7h30 pm, Friday [21/9/2018]

At Erato School of Music & Performing Arts Ha Noi.

3rd floor . 30 Doan Thi Diem st. Hanoi.

Free admission.

Autumnal Equinox is cool and reminiscent of memory, also at the end of the basic course of Experimental Music improvisation I-1 of Domdom.

The 180 degree of Autumnal equinox concert marked the first collaboration performance between the talented musicians- new students I-1a DomDom and experienced experimental artists : Composer/pianist Kim Ngoc Tran, percussion player/composer Nguyen Xuan Son (SonX), monochord zither player Ngo Tra My and Dom Dom’s alumnis – two female performers improvising step by step make the imprint irreplaceable for their appearance in the experimental music community in Vietnam: objecter/ Huong Nguyen, electronics/ Tam Pham.

The concert is a combination of individual ideas that emanate between compromise and creation, between the old reality and the reality created in the process of discovery and personal expression. The lines, angles and expressions of liberal expression inspired by the traditional and classic materials will bring a stirring space, filled with feelings and inner manifestations.

The concert hosted by DomDom and support of Erato School of Music & Performing Arts Ha Noi.

– Ethereal Hemisphere: Sonx /percussions, Ha Thuy Hang /Dan tranh (16-chord zither) & Obiects, Thuy Dang /Piano, Thuy Linh Nguyen /Dan Bau (monochord)
– “Hành Hoa’: Ngo Tra My /Dan Bau (monochord),Thuy Linh Nguyen /Dan Bau (monochord) Huong Nguyen /Objects.
– “Ồ! Clock”: Kim Ngoc / vocals & piano, Thuy Dang/ Piano
– “Tìm Kiến”: Sonx/bộ gõ, Tam Pham/ Đan nhi (2-chord zither), Bong Hoa/ Violin, Ngoc Nguyen/ Keyboard.
– “Day Bien Mo Kim”: Experimental Music improvisation I-1a Domdom.