We would like to invite you to an artist talk with Michael Edward Edgerton

Michael Edgerton is at the forefront of vocal exploration by extending the technical and expressive capabilities of voice through the use of voice science and psychoacoustics. This approach has earned Mike considerable renown for those interested in the present and future of modern (experimental) voice. As a composer, Michael’s music coalesces diverse influences such as European avant-garde, American experimentalism, and world music into contexts that are informed by scientific models and metaphors. His artistic mission is to liberate those sounds that otherwise remain in danger of being overlooked or going unheard. Michael has received prizes for his compositions, including in 2007, the prestigious Kompositionspreis der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart. Michael has also received numerous other awards and grants. His music has been performed around the world by leading ensembles and artists. Michael has published two books and scholarly articles on contemporary music and sound production, including The 21st Century Voice (2nd ed., Rowman & Littlefield). Michael is currently Associate Professor of Music Composition at the Guangxi Arts University.

*** Thankfulness to Da Paolo westlake restaurant and Paolo De Piaggi for your support and companionship.