Virtual Artist-in-residence – an unusual sonic experience

Virtual Artist-in-residence – an unusual sonic experience
The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all parts of the world, including Artist-in-residence programs – where mobility used to be the most important factor and now, international travels become farfetched.
Facing the question of how to organize a valuable and meaningful artist residency program in the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic, DomDom – The Hub For Experimental Music& Art, launches their first U.S. exchange residency, in partnership with Experimental Sound Studio Chicago and supported by the Asian Cultural Council. Originally conceived before the pandemic, the residency program provides a unique opportunity for both the institutions and the artist-in-residence to pilot a new kind of virtual artist exchange. The virtual residency runs for 5 weeks and includes opportunities for the Chicago-based artist-in-residence to experience an in-depth tour of Vietnam’s contemporary music, sound, and art scenes, including conversations and workshops with a number of Vietnam’s top practitioners.
Chicago artist, musician, educator, and organizer Kioto Aoki has been selected as the inaugural artist-in-residence for the DomDom x ESS Artist-in-residence.
Artistic Director & Producer: Composer Trần Kim Ngọc
Storytelling Artist: SơnX
Residential Artist: Kioto Aoki
Project Manager and facilitator: Thao-Linh Dinh
Interpreter: Linh Valerie Phạm
Camera: Minh Khôi Nguyễn
Documentation: Nguyễn Quốc Hoàng Anh
Field Recording: Tuấn Nị
Support: Lê Lam Phong, Đinh Quang Hưng, Hải Aomi
1. “Hanoi City Life Day&Night” – A specifically designed tour to experience the sonic environment of Hanoi’s life during the daytime & nighttime.
2. “Sound of craft productions” – Sound and environment inside a ceramics studio in Hanoi suburban area.
3. “Ca Trù: Chamber Music of the Elites” – Watching a performance by group “Ca Trù Phú Thị” and private talk with the musician Phạm Đình Hoằng & singers after the show.
4. “Let’s Play Đàn Bầu (The Monocord) – traditionally and experimentally” with Artist Ngô Trà My
5. “Experimental Pop Music” – Going to visit home & studio of Ngọc Đại – an experimental pop songwriter/singer/musician.
6.“The Ancient Opera and living heritage” – Going to visit home of the performers of Tuong (Artist Mẫn Thu) and Cheo (Artist Đoàn Thanh Bình) – 2 kinds of traditional Opera of Vietnam at Mai Dịch, Hà Nội.
7. “Spiritual Music” – Attending a Hau Dong ceremony, a spiritual culture activity (kind of evocation ceremony) with the crucial role of music. Conversation with the musicians and maybe the Medium.
( “Emerging Generation” – Visiting a sound installation and having a private discussion with Hà Thúy Hằng – a local emerging artist).
This pilot program is not open to the public. Only some of our programs are selected to be watched online. Please register your interest via to get your seat.
(*) This tour is not a tourism one. This tour is a private expertise designed one to bring the residential artists a sense of the sonic environment and the music scene in Hanoi, Vietnam, in which they could not travel physically due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
(**) The storytelling artist will give introduction and provide information about music art of each thematic tour.
(***) After finishing the experience journey, residential artist can choose to compose new work with the curation from Composer Trần Kim Ngọc and Artist SơnX.