8PM, 12th July, 2018
At Salon Van hoa Ca phe Thu bay, 3A Ngo Quyen street, Hanoi
Free entrance

The collaboration between composer/experimental musician Kim Ngoc and experienced experimental artists of Hanoi: Dao Van Trung / Violin, Ngo Tra My / Dan Bau (monochord
zither), Quyen Thien Dac / Saxophone, Nguyen Xuan Son / percussions and electronics

Experimental music, especially in the form of improvised live performances,remains a rather “unknown territory” to Vietnamese popular music. However,similar to an undercurrent – the practice of improvised experimental music continues to flourish alongside the strong connection to Vietnamese traditional
music, while also striving to be a part of the international experimental scene.

Belonging to the pioneering generation of Vietnamese experimental music, the five artists will bring audiences to a multidimensional realm of sonic experiences that are perhaps unexpected and certainly not repetitive – as each moment of our everchanging lives comes and goes…

– Empty Spaces: Kim Ngoc / vocals/piano, Ngo Tra My / Dan Bau (monochord), Sonx /percussions
– “Doi Am”: Sonx / percussions, Dao Van Trung / guitar, Quyền Thiện Đắc/Sax
– Shangri-La: Ngo Tra My / Dan Bau (monochord), Kim Ngoc / vocals & piano, Dao Van Trung / violin, Quyen Thien Dac / Saxophone, Sonx / electronics & percussions

Gallery Photo